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GPS Tracking Applications PDF Print E-mail

GPS Tracking has been applied far and wide in its application, not just restricted to the tracking of vehicles, personal assets in the normal retail aspect. Commercial deployments utilising GPS tracking stretch from the small scale coordination and management of assets and staff through to government deployments in roads & maintenance, health, law enforcement where GPS tracking become an integral part in offering services to the community, either as a direct or indirect supporting service.

Please contact iTrack to discuss your organisation's requirements.


GPS Tracking encompasses wide applications for use in our world today. Contact iTrack if you have a unique requirement for tracking.

Fleet Management & Vehicle Asset GPS Tracking

  • Increased fleet productivity, do more jobs per crew with less drive time.
  • Cost savings on current operational environment.
  • Improved customer service and ability to manage increased job loads.
  • Data integration with existing customer and operations systems.

Security Asset Monitoring and Personnel GPS Tracking

  • Cost effective support for distributed Call Center Operations.
  • Guaranteed Alert confirmation for remote assets & personnel.
  • Alerts to customer mobile/phone/email on any defined incident.
  • Local live alert and audio capable alarm support on distributed PC.

Personal Security and Duress GPS Tracking Solutions

  • Peace of mind for the young, vulnerable and infirm.
  • Improved Safety for Personnel with Panic / SOS notification.
  • Provide peace of mind to local community for tracking offenders.

Customisable GPS Tracking Solutions to Suit each Application

  • Global tracking coverage, consolidated view of iTrack devices.
  • Future proof with iTrack supporting multiple tracking device types.
  • Manage maritime, remote automation & harsh environments.
  • iTrack123 available as managed hosting or custom installed onsite.