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GPS Tracking of mobile assets and devices require a user to be able to obtain useful information easily either in a textual form or visually on maps.  Often devices are sold without consideration as to how the end user is expected to locate the gps devices.  iTrack offers three different services for different markets.  The Mobile Map Service is used by single device owners who are interested only in the here and now, while the Mobile Location Service utilises less accurate means of location, but may be complementary to the iTrack123 Fleet Tracking service.


Mobile Map Service

Mobile Map Service (MMS) allows users to access and view the location of their GPS device online. This is the registration process to gain access to the Mobile Map Service. [more]

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iTrack123 Fleet Service

iTrack123 Fleet Services are available to organisations who require multiple device tracking concurrently. Fleet services from iTrack123 allow sophisticated functions and customisations that can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the organisation. [more]

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Mobile Location Service

iTrack Mobile Location Service (MLS) offers the ability to locate mobile devices via network triangulation. The information returned can be displayed on a map for the viewers to identify the general area/location of where the networks 'think' the devices would be. [more]

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