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iTrack supports a wide range of devices and products to address various requirements for the location and tracking of people and assets worldwide.


iTrack AVL GPS / GSM Trackers

AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) GPS tracking devices are suitable from the basic DIY tracking requirement to enterprise level telematics requirements. Suitable for use with all Australian GSM telecommunication network providers ( Telstra, Optus, Vodafone), check out the Vehicle GPS trackers section and get one now.

iTrack Personal GPS Trackers

With the explosion in use for GPS tracking, the personal GPS tracker has now come onto the mainstream market. From a focus on providing peace of mind to immediate family members through to compliance with corporate safety policies, iTrack Personal GPS trackers will invariable fit those requirements.

iTrack SATellite GPS Trackers

Satellite driven tracking solutions for those who are in the remotest of areas and require tracking and emergency assistance utilising the latest GPS tracking solution available now. Now with integrated GSM/Satellite devices, meeting stringent tracking requirements throughout Australia is never more realistic.

iTrack Mobile GPS Software Plugin

Make your wireless PDA a tracking device while using all your productivity tools on the road. Leverage against GPS and integrate it to the iTrack123 Service to streamline workforce management without buying more equipment. Contact iTrack for mobile PDA tracking solutions.

iTrack Mobile

Cost effective management of your mobile staff better, or providing some peace of mind for family members, then use iTrack Mobile to locate any Telstra or Optus mobile phone in Australia.