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Some of the comments from our Clients.

"Having finally put this into use in my business, I've doubled my fleet of service vehicles and been able to delegate responsibility to my staff.  Finally went on a holiday.  Great stuff, iTrack."

"GPS tracking allowed us to confirm that our vehicles were on-time and on-schedule at client sites, which boosted our customer relationship credentials, with the added benefit for tracking the location of our vehicles should they go missing."

"I have been looking around for quite some time, and finally found iTrack.  Their interface was the easiest, they're an Aussie company, with homegrown Aussie know-how.  Changes and support is great.  Thanks iTrack."

"Since deploying the iTrack security monitoring solution, we've not had any thefts of assets on project sites.  In fact, we were also able to tighten up on our internal processes in relation to access of equipment for our own staff."

We at iTrack pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in the GPS tracking field in providing web & mobile based GPS tracking applications into the Australian market.  We are committed to provide reliable services to our Clients, and guarantee the best price on any iTrack equipment supplied.